Faith Sermons by Pastor Chandler Bailey

Faith Sermons by Pastor Chandler Bailey

Faithville has faith messages that are ready to uplift, encourage and inspire your faith journey! Our faith messages are updated with brand new content weekly, so enjoy having a full week to dissect and grow in the faith! You are going on a quest with God versus live a life of questioning God.

Faith Sermons by Pastor Chandler Bailey
  • This is my Praise This is my Worship // Chandler Bailey

    Have you ever thought about what it takes for you to keep your praise and stay in worship during hard times? Pastor Chandler shares from a deep conviction what it takes to keep the perspective of praise and worship during the midst of life's trials!

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  • Be it Unto You // Chandler Bailey

    When the going gets tough the word of God is tougher and when there is nothing else to give let it be your faith that becomes the great equalizer!

  • Crazy Favor // Chandler Bailey

    Have you ever imagined the endless possibilities of what God can do with your life? You may not have the paper (financial backing) but you are going to get there by Favor!

  • Faith For Beyond // Chandler Bailey

    What God has next is now and what you have to do now is honor God with what He is currently telling you to do! The place God is taking you eyes have not seen ears have not heard on what God wants to do with your life! Check out this sermon by Chandler Bailey "Faith For Beyond."

  • The Fight of My Life

    There is a time, a season, and a role that all must eventually take part in when it comes to their faith. This is the space where we must fight! It will be hard some days, but if you keep the faith and go after what God showed you, keep it one-hundred. You will end up okay!

  • He Came Through Dripping // Chandler S. Bailey (Part 1)

    Chandler Bailey operates in his pastoral call to grow you and shepherd you in God's beckoning call to understand the blood of Jesus! Check out this message on the blood of Jesus and grow to know how God is protecting you and shaping your future from the perspective of what many may not talk about...