Faith Sermons by Pastor Chandler Bailey

Faith Sermons by Pastor Chandler Bailey

Faithville has faith messages that are ready to uplift, encourage and inspire your faith journey! Our faith messages are updated with brand new content weekly, so enjoy having a full week to dissect and grow in the faith! You are going on a quest with God versus live a life of questioning God.

Faith Sermons by Pastor Chandler Bailey
  • Step Into It Guest Speaker Chandler Bailey

  • The Purpose Plot Pastor Chandler Bailey

  • God Gaps by Chandler S. Bailey

    "God Gaps" reveals the spaces in our lives where we feel distant from God and struggle with faith. Drawing on Isaiah 55:8-9, this powerful sermon uncovers how God's thoughts and ways are higher than ours. These gaps—created by society, corruption, or personal trauma—are designed for God to fill, ...

  • Rivers and Gardens Pt 2 // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    In "Rivers and Gardens," Pastor Chandler S. Bailey teaches us that God will supply your needs according to His Riches & Glory, and we are all here for it!

  • Rivers and Gardens Part 1 // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    In "Rivers and Gardens," Pastor Chandler S. Bailey teaches us that God will supply your needs according to His Riches & Glory, and we are all here for it!

  • Marketplace Revival // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    Pastor Chandler revives your faith in this virtual revival he did for Kingdom Business Network!

  • Marketplace Ministry

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  • A Special Holiday Faith Revival with Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    During the Holiday season, people often feel down or miss proportioned by the grief or the distraction of comparison of their soul! This doesn't have to be you! You can enjoy this faith boost to love others and work harder at what God called you to do this Holiday! Allow this word of faith to rev...

  • Pastor Chandler // The Money Test

    In today's climate, believers must go on their financial journey of faith. It is here where many either leave God or believe in God. So allow God to water the seed in your heart that God will provide for you!

  • I Didn't Ask For This

    In all thy getting, let's get understanding together of God's supernatural ways of growing us to trust in him more! It would be best to trust that too much is given; much is required. Here we find common ground in the stewardship of our season. We didn't ask for this! - Chandler Bailey Media Team

  • Your Faith is Recession Proof // Chandler S. Bailey

    Pastor Chandler presents KBN's "NIGHT OF FAITH," where WE GET REVIVED with the word of God and grow, learn and explore what God has for us!

  • The Money Test - Your Faith is Recession Proof (Part 2)

    Lean into God's word and increase your faith in the area of your financial freedom during today's times. Whether you are in business or simply, need a blessing, enjoy each breakdown of PC's flow as he dives into God's word regarding how believers should pass their money test!

  • The Mysterious Ladder // Chandler S. Bailey

    Dive into the mysteries of God's blessing and hand on our life. Listen to the creative theological thought to grow your faith in God's mysterious working hand in your life!

  • Blessed Up // Chandler S. Bailey

    Keep your head up because there is more where that came from will you keep the faith and become a carrier of the Spirit of faith?

  • Open to my Next // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    What if you would take on the posture of remaining open. When life shuts its doors, believers keep their hearts open. One way believers do this is by being carriers of the spirit of faith! Listen as Pastor Chandler Bailey empowers you to remain open to your next!

  • Shhh Your God's Best Kept Secret // Chandler S. Bailey

    Be blessed by this message from Ps. Chandler S. Bailey Shhh, we must do less talking & more walking in the perspective of the Lord. Shhh, You're a secret!

  • I'm In a Faith Fight // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    To keep the faith, one must fight for what one believes in. What did God say? In this faith sermon, PC unpacks faith principles and expresses how he values the faith fight when it is necessary!

  • The Gift of Faith // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    Did you know that faith is a gift? God has dealt every man a measure of faith!
    In this programming Pastor, Chandler S. Bailey dives into the artifacts found in the story of Abraham and mirrors it to our everyday walk of faith.
    You have a gift, and at times, life can discourage us from picking u...

  • GRACE 5X // Pastor Chandler S. Bailey

    God's grace in your life is something that is more than enough for anything you are up against. Listen to this message as Pastor Chandler Bailey shares with you how God's grace in your life is 5X!!!

    "Chandler Bailey Media Team"

  • G-Status The God of My Grace

    Although salvation is not a reward, God cares and honors our faith as we walk in the grace given us. Enjoy this word by Pastor Chandler S. Bailey.

  • Faith on a Friday Live at KBN'S "Activate Conference"

    Pastor Chandler S. Bailey talks to entrepreneurs at the Kingdom Business Network's conference. Activate to share insight on seed-time and harvest and what God can do with their little and turn it into much!

  • It's Going to Fall into Your Lap // Chandler S. Bailey

    What God is going to do in your life will indeed catch you off guard. You will not understand the many ways the Lord will bless you!

  • Faith That Honors God // Chandler S. Bailey

    Your faith is designed to honor God. We must learn to keep the faith even if we don't have manifestation! Listen as Pastor Chandler S. Bailey paints this picture of our faith being curated to honor God

  • The Unplugged Lifestyle // Chandler S. Bailey

    Have you ever paused and thought to yourself. Why are we so busy? What is taking up all my time? Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to get a handle on your relationship with God? Well, if you ever wonder about any of the previous, this message is for you. Listen now to the "Unplugged Lifes...