Exclusive Interviews

  • Fortify Your Faith in Business with Pastor Chandler (Exclusive Interview)

    Today many fall for the inspiration dysfunction of desire without discipline. However, God has a way of inspiring you and taking you on a faith journey while you pursue exploits in the marketplace! Listen now as Pastor Chandler talks about faith in business with Jason Davis and how you can Fortif...

  • Embracing Your Pace of Grace (Sermon Unpack)

    Listen as PC unpacks the thought of speaking and God's timing for the many blessings and desires within our faith! You know how it feels to wait on the Lord, so listen to Pastor Chandler unpacking his journey of waiting!

  • Serving Leadership with Grace (Interview)

    Check out Pastor Chandler S. Bailey's and his wife Audria Bailey's exclusive interview w/ the Adams!

    Senior Youth Pastors of the World Changers Youth Experience
    (Youth Ministry of Drs. Creflo and Taffi Dollar)

  • Fueling Your Faith in Business // Special Interview

    Do you know what it takes to scale God's way? Watch Now! As PC gives you an insight through this interview on how to scale God's way!